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• 8/3/2017

Some things that can be added in the Wiki

- Achievement List
- Daily Task (not just the one's listed in the in-game menu) sort of a checklist for things you should/can do in-game everyday before reset.
- Collection Cards (the one from Monthly cards)
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• 7/6/2017

Bug - Gemini one shotting Diantain

Currently it is possible to kill the Outland boss Diantain using what seems it's Gemini's 4th skill (Broken Mirror) since the bug usually manifests when Gemini dies.When it happens the game will freeze for few seconds and the boss will be dead.However there have been reports of this bug happening even without Gemini dying so the true reason is still unknown.Example of this:
Gemini pls
Gemini pls YouTube
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• 7/6/2017

Bug - Savero's insane damage in campaign

Currently in the campaign levels Savero (the enemy one) is broken in a way that his c-strike (Ω beam) and 2nd skill (Nimbus slicer) will deal insane damage which one shots minions with magic defense lower than 200.
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