• If you beat an opponent with a higher rank, you'll switch ranks witrh that player. Beating a lower ranked opponent won't change your rank.
  • Battles are fought automatically in the Arena!
  • Each Arena battle lasts up to 90 seconds. If time expires, the challenger will lose!
  • The system will check the ranking at 21:00 every day and send rewards vis the in-game mail!
  • The higher your rank, the better your rewards will be!


Rank Jade Diamonds Arena Coin
Rank 1 Icon-jade x50000 Icon-diamond x500 Icon-arena coin x1700
Rank 2 Icon-jade x40000 Icon-diamond x400 Icon-arena coin x1600
Rank 3 Icon-jade x35000 Icon-diamond x380 Icon-arena coin x1500
Rank 4 Icon-jade x30000 Icon-diamond x360 Icon-arena coin x1450
Rank 5 Icon-jade x250000 Icon-diamond x350 Icon-arena coin x1400
Rank 6 Icon-jade x24000 Icon-diamond x340 Icon-arena coin x1380
Rank 7 Icon-jade x23000 Icon-diamond x330 Icon-arena coin x1360
Rank 8 Icon-jade x22000 Icon-diamond x320 Icon-arena coin x1340
Rank 9 Icon-jade x21000 Icon-diamond x310 Icon-arena coin x1320
Rank 10 Icon-jade x20000 Icon-diamond x300 Icon-arena coin x1300
Rank 11 Icon-jade x19000 Icon-diamond x290 Icon-arena coin x1280
Rank 12 Icon-jade x18000 Icon-diamond x280 Icon-arena coin x1260
Rank 13 Icon-jade x17000 Icon-diamond x270 Icon-arena coin x1240
Rank 14 Icon-jade x16000 Icon-diamond x260 Icon-arena coin x1220
Rank 15 Icon-jade x15000 Icon-diamond x250 Icon-arena coin x1200
Rank 16 - 30 Icon-jade x14000 Icon-diamond x220 Icon-arena coin x1150
Rank 31 - 50 Icon-jade x13000 Icon-diamond x200 Icon-arena coin x1100
Rank 51 - 100 Icon-jade x12000 Icon-diamond x150 Icon-arena coin x1050
Rank 101 - 200 Icon-jade x11000 Icon-diamond x100 Icon-arena coin x1000
Rank 201 - 500 Icon-jade x10000 Icon-diamond x80 Icon-arena coin x950
Rank 501 - 1000 Icon-jade x8000 Icon-diamond x60 Icon-arena coin x900
Rank 1001 - 2000 Icon-jade x5000 Icon-diamond x50 Icon-arena coin x700
Rank 2001 - 5000 Icon-jade x3000 Icon-diamond x40 Icon-arena coin x500
Rank 5001 - 10000 Icon-jade x2500 Icon-diamond x30 Icon-arena coin x300
Rank 10001 - 20000 Icon-jade x2000 Icon-diamond x20 Icon-arena coin x200
Rank 20001 - 50000 Icon-jade x1500 Icon-diamond x10 Icon-arena coin x100
Rank 50001 - 100000 Icon-jade x1000 Icon-diamond x5 Icon-arena coin x50