The Doo-Doo Tribe, led by an elder and guarded by Enkobo (Guardian of the Forest) is the last remaining small tribe located in the west part of the homeland of Minimons, which is located in a distant galaxy. The Doo-Doo tribe, collects rare eggs with minions inside and take care of the minions that come out of these eggs. The minions that come out of the eggs, become strong and protect the physically weak Doo-Doo tribe from dark minions. This is how the tribe has lived and survived for generations. The player is given the task to advance the tribe, collect minions to join the cause and to journey throughout the world to defeat the forces of darkness that have overwhelmed other tribes and made them become hostile minions.

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The Doo-Doo tribe excavating and finding rare eggs.



The tribe leader reading the ancient scroll.

The mythical scroll read by the Doo-Doo tribe has stated that every 1000 years, the world succumbs to darkness. When the darkness spreads, all minions become aggressive and want to dominate the world, wars erupt and the world falls into chaos. When the world was covered in darkness once again, the Doo-Doo tribe decided to grow their tribe and find more minions to join their side. Those minions would be the key to summoning mythical minions and to prevail against the darkness.



Doo Jr. finds the rare egg in the forest.

After Doo Jr. found a mystical egg deep in the forest, he decided to take the egg to the village of the Doo-Doo Tribe. However, Doo Jr. soon found himself surrounded by dark minions and was forced to make a run for it. Doo Jr. stumbled, the egg flew out of his arms and broke after it landed. A hatch-ling named Enkobo came out of the egg and after seeing that Doo Jr. was in trouble, Enkobo became enraged, which made him transform from a hatch-ling into his bigger form. Enkobo soon found himself receiving support from Umbra, Chi, Rathos and Acqua. After defeating the dark minions, another dark minion named Naxus appeared.

Enkobo hatching from the egg.

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Enkobo protecting Doo Jr. After his transformation.

Naxus looking relatively small at first, transformed into a huge dark minion. After Naxus defeated Umbra, Chi, Rathos and Acqua with ease, Enkobo was left to deal with Naxus alone. Even though the odds were in favour of the much bigger Naxus, Enkobo used his awakening and C-strike to successfully defeat Naxus. After the defeat of Naxus, Enkobo vowed to protect the Doo-Doo tribe and start his quest to summon the Dragon God Orochi.