Position Mid
Awaken Attacker
Base Star 3-Star Base
Quote "The truly enlightened don't need to look..."'
Soulstone Sources Special Tome
Vip 15 reward

Enigamo appeared after several Doos attempted an ancient ritual. They all disappeared and in their place was this blind minion. Despite his young and innocent exterior, Enigamo is a shrewd and fearsome enemy. He is able to summon souls to his defence or to use them to lay waste to entire teams in an instant. Mid-row magic attacker. He can reduce the enemy's attack and enhance the power of his own C-strike.


Enigamo has a youthful looking exterior with purple-coloured skin, darker accents, hairlike projections atop his head, elfin ears and a slender tail. Enigamo also has a yellow mystical symbol above his closed eye.

Powers and Abilities

Enigamo is a mid-row magical attacker. He is a powerful attacker with an impressive capacity for survival. One of the rare minions with two passive skills, he summons up to 6 souls around himself when using his Soul Strike or when he is hit. This allows him to reduce incoming damage drastically, but also to unleash all the souls he gathered in a single devastating C-Strike. His last skill boosts his Critical Strikes, making him even more dangerous.



Once Awakened, Enigamo's yellow symbol is replaced by a mystical horn. Because Enigamo is an Attacker, during awakening, Enigamo will deal double damage.


Enigamo has two active skills and two passive skills to use in battle.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Suicide Soul Icon-magicskill Project a mental image of your soul and blast it towards your enemy. The more spirits around you, the more souls you will blast towards the enemy. Each soul deals X Magic damage.
Soul Strike Icon-magicskill Summon lightning that targets the enemy with the lowest HP. Every time this skill is used, Enigamo will summon a spirit. If this skill kills an enemy, you'll summon an additional spirit. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Holy Light Icon-passiveskill Enigamo summons a spirit every 5 times he takes damage (max. 6 spirits) that offers Enigamo protection and reduces incoming damage. The more spirits, the stronger the effect. Every 5 attacks, reduce incoming damage by X.Max of 6 spirits.
Psychic Icon-passiveskill Enigamo awakens his latent psychic abilities and becomes aware of his enemy's weakness. Increases Enigamo's M.Critical Hit. Increases M.Critical Hit by X.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-channelenergy Channel Energy Focusing on your energy greatly improves your magical ability.
Increases your Magic Attack.
Icon-manabarrier Mana Barrier Channel your mana into a barrier that reinforces your spells.
Increases your Magic Attack and Physical Defence.
Icon-manaburst Mana Burst You're overflowing with energy!
This burst of mana greatly improves your HP and Magic Attack.
Icon-durendal Durendal Use this sword imbued with magic and parry incoming attacks.
Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Penetration.
Icon-psychic Psychic Reading the future helps you in battle!
Increases your Magic Defence and Magic Penetration.


Power of Faith
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Heaven's Call
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicdefence 160 160 160 160 160


Icon-magicdefence 160 160 160 160 160


Enigamo Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Natural Essence Magical Shards Sunstone

Enigamo Green
Stick Turtle Shell Natural Essence
Sunstone Broomstick Skull

Enigamo Green+1
Stick Sky Amulet Animal Fur
Magic Frog Animal Blood Magic Ring

Enigamo Blue
Sky Amulet Sleepy Hat Turtle Helmet
Hama Fruit Emerald Earring Sparkly Gem

Enigamo Blue+1
Magic Frog Spirit Stone Hama Fruit
Soul Pendant Magic Ring Evil Eye

Enigamo Blue+2
Pumpkin Head Feral Amulet Emerald Earring
Shadow Lizard Evil Hat Mana Jewel

Enigamo Purple
Elven Cloak Soul Pendant Exoskeleton
Evil Hat Emerald Wand Dominator Helmet

Enigamo Purple+1
Elven Cloak Fishking's Crown Spirit Essence
Royal Crown Shiny Exoskeleton Dragonite Jewel

Enigamo Purple+2
Holy Amulet Holy Stone Emerald Wand
Shiny Exoskeleton Drake Essence Warlord Helmet

Enigamo Purple+3
Iron Shield Dragon Ball Demon Elixir
Dragonite Jewel Death Hat Soul Branch

Enigamo Purple+4
Emerald Wand Dragonite Jewel Magic Lamp
Light Shield Warlord Helmet Blood Diamond

Enigamo Orange
Enchanted Leather Dragon Essence Emerald
Warlord Helmet Soul Branch Demon Eye

Enigamo Orange+1
Light Shield Pact with a Demon Demon Skull
Soul Branch Blood Diamond Dragon Ring

Enigamo Orange+2
Demon Regalia Demonic Crystal Magic Wand
Dragon Ring Dragon Shield Spirit Necklace

Enigamo Orange+3
Bone Mail Demonic Crystal Dragon Mail
Demon Eye Amethyst Wand Devil Jewel


Enigamo is able to work with most teams. His high damage output, paired with a relatively strong defence, allows him to fit in both aggressive and defensive formations. He is extremely efficient against minions inflicting numerous small attacks (like Rathos or Dibi) instead of huge single blows (like Exo or Zilla) as each attack boosts his damage resistance. If you don't mind the risk you can even create a team entirely composed of back-row minions with him: his shield will allow him to act as a buffer. This can let you win if you defeat the enemies quickly, but Enigamo is not a tank: too much of this treatment will result in his death. Over protecting him with tanks can be counter-productive, as he won't gather souls to launch at your enemies. Pair him up with Dina and he will focus all of his C-Strike on one single target instead of spreading it across the enemy team!

Enigamo works well both in offensive and defensive teams: he can survive long, but also deals impressive damage. This makes him an excellent minion to use in the Mist or against Bosses. In the Arena Enigamo is a dangerous attacker but has the drawback of often spreading his attack a bit too much, letting the enemy gather energy without dealing a decisive blow. And be careful if the enemy has a healer! Still, Enigamo can be an excellent way to counter Neko or Android 8 as he can act as a tank in the back of your team ;).