Angry Zilla - Level 63
GB-Angry Zilla
"Control skills can enrage Angry Zilla and make him attack you."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Fracturing Claw Icon-physicalskill Attack the ground with a giant claw, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and interrupting their attacks.
Loud Screech Icon-physicalskill Angry Zilla's loud screech makes rocks crumble and fall down on front-row enemies. It deals physical damage.
Impulsive Icon-physicalskill Become enraged when an enemy uses a control skill. Fight back immediately and deal physical damage to front-row enemies.
Swift Hunt Icon-passiveskill Gains the ability to teleport for a short duration and join the battle swiftly.
Spirit Claw (Manual)
Pact with a Demon (Manual)
Devil Tome
Devil Blood
Demon Eye
Demon Skull (Manual)
Satanic (Manual)
Magic Wand (Manual)
Demon Talisman
Demon Necklace
Dark Elixir
Vitality Water
Magic Lamp
Vampire Heart
Gargoyle Ear
Dragon's Claw
Blood Diamond
Dragon Ring
Demon Regalia (Manual)