Bloody Ox - Level 51
GB-Bloody Ox
"Keeps getting stronger as the fight goes on."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Rampage Icon-physicalskill Releases all of his anger and relentlessly attacks the enemy, dealing great physical damage to it.
Earthsplitter Icon-physicalskill Slam two fists into the earth, knocking back all nearby enemies and dealing a lot of physical damage.
Destructo Ball Icon-magicskill Charge an orb of energy and throw it at the enemy to deal magic damage. Destructo Ball can damage an enemy's body and lower it's defence.
War Cry Icon-passiveskill Boody Ox absorbs power from nearby spirits and enemies to increase his critical hit. When he defeats an enemy, his attack increases temporarily.
Steel Axe (Manual)
Warlord Helmet (Manual)
Amulet of Origin (Manual)
Wolf's Claw
Enchanted Leather
Dragon Essence
Zeonic Helmet (Manual)
Ring of Wrath (Manual)
Soul Branch (Manual)
Battle Armour (Manual)
Dragonslayer (Manual)
Dragon Ball (Manual)
Lunar Earring (Manual)
Imperial Pincer
Drake Essence
Death Hat
Branch of Yggdrasil
Evil Necklace
Light Shield (Manual)