King Bolt - Level 43
GB-King Bolt
"Uses magic attacks and has a C-strike that silences enemies."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Krava's Spell Icon-magicskill Only for worshippers of the god Krava. Create a magnetic field that disables the use of magic skills.
Static Blast Icon-magicskill Emit a beam of electrostatic energy that deals wise-range magic damage.
Static Blink Icon-magicskill Control an electromagnetic field that teleports enemies back and stuns them.
Electricity Icon-magicskill "Do you know what a electric shock feels like? No? You'll find out soon enough!" Attacks are infused with electricity. Basic attacks deal magic damage.
Magic Belt (Manual)
Flame Arrow (Manual)
Holy Stone (Manual)
War Cry
Demon Elixir
Dragonite Jewel
Battle Armour (Manual)
Dragonslayer (Manual)
Dragon Ball (Manual)
Lunar Earring (Manual)
Razor Claws
Spirit Essence
Wolf Hat (Manual)
Behemoth Mail (Manual)
Emerald Wand (Manual)
Genma Skin
Pixie Dust
Bear Paw
Forbidden Crystal
Gargoyle Wing