Luna of the Light - Level 67
GB-Luna of the Light
"Luna's lunar powers can deal great damage to enemies."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Lunar Arrow Icon-physicalskill Gather energy from the moon and shoot an energy arrow that deals a lot of physical damage.
Rapid Fire Icon-physicalskill Shoot three arrows in quick succession. Each arrow deals physical damage and knocks the enemy back. If you only hit one enemy, you won't knock him back.
Lunar Soul Icon-magicskill "The moon has designated you as our target." Light up an enemy's soul, which increases the damage it receives for a short duration.
Sacrifice Icon-passiveskill The moon blesses its warriors. If an enemy gets defeated by Lunar Soul's effect, Luna's Physical Attack increases.
Demon Skull (Manual)
Satanic (Manual)
Magic Wand (Manual)
Demon Talisman
Demon Necklace
Bone Mail (Manual)
Dark Sword (Manual)
Demonic Crystal (Manual)
Jade Earring (Manual)
Dragon Amulet (Manual)
Dragon's Claw
Dragon Mail
Blood Diamond
Dragon Ring
Demon Regalia (Manual)
Spirit Claw (Manual)
Pact with a Demon (Manual)
Devil Tome
Devil Blood
Demon Eye