Mother Lilith - Level 75
GB-Mother Lilith
"Mother Lilith's abilities can be a nightmare to the enemy."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Vengeful Killer Icon-physicalskill "Can you keep up?" Lilith will randomly attack an enemy 5 times, dealing physical damage every time.
Bloodthirst Icon-physicalskill Fire a cross-shaped energy strike at an enemy and deal a lot of damage.
Claws of the Brave Icon-physicalskill Claws of the Brave allows Mother Lilith to deal physical damage to an enemy and absorb its energy.
Blood Mark Icon-passiveskill When she deals a critical attack, the target will start bleeding and receive additional damage over time.
Demon Necklace
Bone Mail (Manual)
Dark Sword (Manual)
Demonic Crystal (Manual)
Jade Earring (Manual)
Dragon Amulet (Manual)
Dragon Shield (Manual)
Demonslayer (Manual)
Spirit Necklace (Manual)
Demon Regalia (Manual)
Spirit Claw (Manual)
Pact with a Demon (Manual)
Devil Tome
Devil Blood
Demon Eye
Demon Skull (Manual)
Satanic (Manual)
Magic Wand (Manual)
Demon Talisman