Unigamo - Level 47
"Every 5 attacks his armour and Magic attack improve."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Suicide Soul Icon-magicskill Project a mental image of your soul and blast it towards the enemy. The more spirits he has around himself, the more souls he will blast towards the enemy.
Soul Strike Icon-magicskill Summon a lightening strike that targets the enemy with the lowest HP. Every time this skill is used, Enigamo will summon a spirit. If this skill kills an enemy, he summons an additional spirit.
Holy Light Icon-passiveskill When Enigamo take damage 5 times, there will be a holy protection layer that can reduce all damage from the enemies (max. 6 layers).
Psychic Icon-passiveskill Enigamo awakens his latent psychic abilities and becomes aware of his enemy's weakness. Increases Enigamo's Magic Critical Hit.
Dragon Ball (Manual)
Lunar Earring (Manual)
Imperial Pincer
Drake Essence
Death Hat
Branch of Yggdrasil
Evil Necklace
Light Shield (Manual)
Steel Axe (Manual)
Warlord Helmet (Manual)
Fishking's Crown
Magic Belt (Manual)
Flame Arrow (Manual)
Holy Stone (Manual)
War Cry
Demon Elixir
Dragonite Jewel
Battle Armour (Manual)
Dragonslayer (Manual)