Position Front
Awaken All-round
Base Star 3-Star Base
Quote Kill! Destroy!... and vanish.'
Soulstone Sources Arena Shop

Hornox is the toughest, scariest, meanest of them all. Bullo might pretend he is a demon, and Zilla might arrogantly try to intimidate everyone in sight, but Hornox is pure rage and destruction. No one wants to face him, which is how he became the King of the Forest! Well, until a group of small fries came and beat him... But Enkobo and his friends will pay for that! Front-row physical attacker. The more enemies he kills, the stronger he becomes.


Hornox is a manticore-like minion who features an enormous body, an extremely yellow thick mane, a vertical pupil, dark green skin, terrifyingly large horns and muscly arms covered in glovelike fur. With his naturally red eye and striped arms, foes quiver in sight.

Powers and Abilities

Hornox is a front-row All-Round minion. Although he doesn't deal as much damage as an attacker, he can take much more, which is essential when you are so close to the enemy. His C-Strike lets him deal enormous damage to one target, while his 2nd and 3rd skills let him damage all enemies close to him (and lower their defence!). His 4th skill makes him become stronger with every enemy death, and even more if he deals the finishing blow.



When Awakened, Hornox grows substantially larger, his horns curve forward, his face turns red, his pupil starts to glow white and becomes circular. Because Hornox is an All-round, during awakening, Hornox will have 50% increase in HP, Physical Attack and Magical Attack.


Hornox has 3 physical skills and one passive skill that he uses in battle.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Relentless Icon-physicalskill Once enraged, Hornox can be quite scary. Relentlessly attack an enemy, dealing a lot of physical damage and knocking it back. Each attack deals X Physical damage. Last hit deals Y Physical damage.
Earthshatter Icon-physicalskill Slam two fists into the earth, knocking back all nearby enemies and dealing a lot of physical damage. This attack deals X physical damage. Disruption chance depends on lvl. Guaranteed disruption for (SkillLvl) and below
Destructo Ball Icon-magicskill Charge an orb of energy and throw it at the enemy to deal magic damage. Destructo Ball can damage an enemy's body and lower its defence. This attack deals X Magic damage. Decreases Physical Defence by Y.
War Cry (Hornox's Ability) Icon-passiveskill Hornox absorbs power from nearby spirits and enemies to increase his critical hit. When he defeats an enemy, his attack increases temporarily. Increases P.Critical Hit by X. For every dead enemy, increase your P.Attack by Y. For every enemy you defeat, increase your P.Attack by Z.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-gaiaenergy Gaia Energy Attune yourself with nature and draw from its infinite strength.
Increases your Physical Defence and Physical Attack.
Icon-aresblessing Ares' Blessing The God of War blesses strong minions with even more power. Increases your Physical Attack and HP. Icon-physicalattack
Icon-allornothing All-Or-Nothing Every attack can be fatal!
Increases your Physical Attack and P.Critical Hit.
Icon-bloodthirst Bloodthirst A strong minion doesn't let its prey escape!
Increases your Physical Attack and Life Drain.
Icon-rage Rage Certain things get the blood of a minion boiling.
Harness that rage to increase you P.Critical Hit and Life Drain.


Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300
Explosive Tempers
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicalcriticalhit 150 150 150 150 150


Icon-magiccriticalhit 150 150 150 150 150


When Hornox's gear is activated, he will carry his own royal Crown and Scepter into battle. This increases his base stats up to 5% - 10%.

Ruby Cost 2500 Icon-ruby lv40 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5%
lv1 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5% lv55 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5%
lv10 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5% lv65 Bonus Icon-lifedrain+10%
lv25 Bonus Icon-physicaldefence+5% lv75 Bonus Icon-physicalcriticalhit+10%


Hornox Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Magical Shards Sunstone Mark

Hornox Green
Turtle Shell Natural Essence Sunstone
Moonstone Bone Stick Hawkeye

Hornox Green+1
Voodoo Doll Sky Amulet Durable Acorn
Slingshot Scaled Leather Mark

Hornox Blue
Turtle Shell Magic Frog Hawkeye
Bloody Tooth Oak Shield Stone Hammer

Hornox Blue+1
Pumpkin Head Animal Blood Bat Teeth
Elven Cloak Sparkly Gem Peacock Plume

Hornox Blue+2
Cat Paw Oak Shield Bone Spear
Peacock Plume Boomerang Dominator Helmet

Hornox Purple
Elven Cloak Greatsword Bear Paw
Shadow Lizard Behemoth Mail Warlord's Fang

Hornox Purple+1
Cat Paw Fishking's Crown Gargoyle Wing
Wolf Hat War Cry Demon Elixir

Hornox Purple+2
Fishking's Crown Genma Skin Ivory Arrow
Warlord's Fang War Cry Steel Axe

Hornox Purple+3
Genma Skin Flame Arrow War Cry
Hook Zeonic Helmet Ring of Wrath

Hornox Purple+4
Wolf Hat War Cry Vampire Heart
Wolf's Claw Light Shield Steel Axe

Hornox Orange
Dragon Essence Demon Regalia Zeonic Helmet
Zeonic Helmet Dragon's Claw Mark

Hornox Orange+1
Vampire Heart Demon Regalia Spirit Claw
Ring of Wrath Blood Diamond Demon Talisman

Hornox Orange+2
Bone Mail Dark Sword Satanic
Dragon's Claw Dragon Shield Demonslayer

Hornox Orange+3
Demon Skull Bone Mail Demonslayer
Origin Crystal Titanium Tooth Pact with the Devil


Hornox is there to hit, and to kill. He deals important damage to front-row opponents, and he is a good pick if you want to try and destroy a resistant tank. His relative resistance means that you can take an aggressive stance and use him as your defence, although you should better kill the enemy fast then, as Hornox will not survive as long as a Tank would! Hornox can team up with relatively everyone, but keep in mind that he deals physical damage and can't go around Tanks: A team using Richoke or Monti will stall you for a long time if you don't have at least one other damage dealer...

Hornox is useful in about every mode, depending on how you use him. His 4th skill really helps in the Campaign, where you face a lot more enemies, but also against the Venora Outland Boss. Hornox provides a good resistant damage dealer in the Mist, who will not succumb too fast while being a reasonable alternative to a Tank against Bosses. In the Arena, Hornox can act as a sturdy damage dealer in a Defence team, or you can go all out on damage and use him as a temporary shield between the enemy and your Attackers. Basically, Hornox can hit.