Item Grade Description
Amethyst Wand Amethyst Wand Orange The wielder of this wand can control all elements!
Amulet of Origin Amulet of Origin Purple A minion with this amulet will constantly reminisce about its childhood.
Animal Blood Animal Blood Green Only for minions with a strong stomach.
Animal Fur Animal Fur Green At least you look imposing...
Battle Armour Battle Armour Blue Minions wearing this have a power level over 9000!
Bear Paw Bear Paw Blue The paw of a ferocious animal.
Behemoth Mail Behemoth Mail Blue Mark
Blood Diamond Blood Diamond Orange Don't ask where this came from...
Bloody Tooth Bloody Tooth Green The blood on this tooth still seems fresh...
Bone Mail Bone Mail Purple Scare other minions by wearing this. Nobody will dare mess with you!
Bone Stick Bone Stick Green The bone of an extinct minion.
Branch of Yggdrasil Branch of Yggdrasil Purple A branch of the Tree of Life. It radiates with life force.
Broomstick Broomstick Green Latest invention: a broomstick that cleans on its own. No manual provided.
Cat Paw Cat Paw Green Watch out for the nails!
Dark Elixir Dark Elixir Purple Don't drink it. Don't open it. Don't touch it. Don't look at it.
Dark Sword Dark Sword Purple A legendary sword that is said to possess whoever wields it.
Death Hat Death Hat Purple A hat with a will. Wearing this will slowly corrupt your mind.
Demon Elixir Demon Elixir Purple Rumor has it you will grow two horns after drinking this
Demon Eye Demon Eye Orange An eye emitting hellfire. Handle with care.
Demon Necklace Demon Necklace Orange It feels like something bad will happen to the minions wearing this necklace.
Demon Regalia Demon Regalia Purple Wear this during Halloween and amaze other minions!
Demon Skull Demon Skull Purple Possesses hidden powers. No manual provided.
Demon Talisman Demon Talisman Orange Something feels very sinister about this object.
Demon Wing Demon Wing Orange A wing that gives off an eerie feeling.
Demonic Crystal Demonic Crystal Purple An orb that turns even your most loyal minion into an enemy.
Demonslayer Demonslayer Orange Now let's hunt some demons!
Devil Blood Devil Blood Orange Nobody knows if this is real or fake.
Devil Jewel Devil Jewel Orange One of the Lord of Demons most prized possessions
Devil Tome Devil Tome Orange A book full of spells and skills used by the Lord of Demons himself.
Dominator Helmet Dominator Helmet Purple Only the strongest are allowed to wear this.
Dragon Amulet Dragon Amulet Orange Harness the power of a dragon!
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Blue There are seven of them...
Dragon Essence Dragon Essence Purple You can still feel the dragon's raging spirit.
Dragon Helmet Dragon Helmet Orange Wearing this will instantly make any minion feel invincible.
Dragon Mail Dragon Mail Orange A very sturdy armour.
Dragon Ring Dragon Ring Orange A ring with the dragon engraved on it.
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield Orange A shield made of dragon scales.This offers the best protection one can have.
Dragon's Claw Dragon's Claw Orange Minions use this to hunt.Or to hurt themselves.
Dragonite Jewel Dragonite Jewel Purple Many minions have perished trying to obtain this jewel from its custodian.
Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Blue Now let's hunt some dragons!
Drake Essence Drake Essence Purple You can still feel the faint heat emanating from this essence...
Durable Acorn Durable Acorn Green An acorn that never turns bad!
Elven Cloak Elven Cloak Green Dress up like an elf during Halloweyen. Every minion should have this at home.
Emerald Emerald Purple A sparkly green ore.
Emerald Wand Emerald Wand Blue Because a glass wand shatters so easily...
Enchanted Leather Enchanted Leather Purple Special leather enchanted with the tears of an one-eyed bat.
Evergreen Seeds Evergreen Seeds Gray Seeds that can supposedly grow trees that reach the heavens.
Evil Eye Evil Eye Blue "I always feel like somebody is watching me." - A scared minion.
Evil Hat Evil Hat Blue An outspoken hat that only knows how to offend minions.
Exoskeleton Exoskeleton Blue "For the minion that needs some backbone."
Eye of Truth Eye of Truth Orange A minion with this eye will never be fooled again.
Flame Arrow Flame Arrow Blue This arrow is always on fire. Watch out that you don't burn yourself.
Forbidden Crystal Forbidden Crystal Blue A crystal containing ancient magic. Handle is with care.
Gargoyle Ear Gargoyle Ear Purple Nobody knows where this came from...
Genma Skin Genma Skin Blue This skin is so transparent that you sometimes forgets you have it in your bag.
Greatsword Greatsword Green Mark
Hawkeye Hawkeye Green Quite literally a hawk's eye.
Holy Amulet Holy Amulet Blue Experience divine protection.
Holy Stone Holy Stone Blue This stone is used to seal a demon.
Hook Hook Purple The hand of a famous pirate.
Imperial Pincer Imperial Pincer Purple Exo will love this...
Iron Shield Iron Shield Blue Useful when you need some more protection.
Ivory Arrow Ivory Arrow Blue The arrowhead is made of a giant minion's tusk. Extremely hard.
Jade Earring Jade Earring Purple An earring made of jade. Nothing more, nothing less.
Light Shield Light Shield Purple This shield is charged by a minion's inner light. Or by solar power.
Lotus Ring Lotus Ring Blue This ring soothes the heart and blesses its wearer with good fortune.
Lunar Earring Lunar Earring Blue Avoid losing energy with this fancy earring. No guarantees or warranty.
Magic Belt Magic Belt Blue A belt with mysterious powers. Save the galaxy!
Magic Frog Magic Frog Green Keep your bag closed or this frog will jump out of it!
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp Purple Rumor has it that if you rub this lamp, you can make 3 wishes.
Magic Wand Magic Wand Purple Every minion dabbling with magic needs one of these.
Magical Shards Magical Shards Gray Used to be part of a magical mirror.
Mana Jewel Mana Jewel Purple A jewel full of mana.
Moonstone Moonstone Gray A stone that originates from the moon.
Natural Essence Natural Essence Gray Harness the power of nature.
Oak Shield Oak Shield Green An easy-to-reproduce shield for every DIY minion.
Origin Crystal Origin Crystal Orange Let's you master the power of the Origin!
Pact with a Demon Pact with a Demon Purple Mark
Pact with the Devil Pact with the Devil Orange There is no going back once you sign this.
Peacock Plume Peacock Plume Blue Stare too long and you'll see that this minion had a second eye.
Pixie Dust Pixie Dust Blue This powder is said to heal any wound.
Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Head Green For emergencies only. Or for Halloweyen.
Ring of Wrath Ring of Wrath Purple Any minion wearing this will instantly become angry.
Royal Crown Royal Crown Blue A word of advice: think first, act later.
Sapphire Sapphire Blue A sparkly blue ore.
Satanic Satanic Purple The Lord of Demons is calling you!
Shadow Lizard Shadow Lizard Blue A lizard that is invisible to any creature with two eyes.
Shiny Exoskeleton Shiny Exoskeleton Purple "For the rich minion."
Skull Skull Green You get the feeling this minion could come back to life at any moment.
Sky Amulet Sky Amulet Gray An amulet containing both solar and lunar energy.
Sleepy Hat Sleepy Hat Green A hat that makes its wearer sleepy, zzzzz......
Slingshot Slingshot Green "For 3-year old minions or older."
Snail Shell Snail Shell Gray Looks fancy, but can easily be cracked.
Soul Branch Soul Branch Purple Not just a regular branch.
Soul Pendant Soul Pendant Green Rumour has it that this pendant makes one incredibly powerful.
Sparkly Gem Sparkly Gem Blue Minions, use this to get the girl of your dreams!
Spirit Claw Spirit Claw Purple This claw penetrates skin and damages one's soul.
Spirit Elixir Spirit Elixir Blue Mark
Spirit Necklace Spirit Necklace Orange This necklace protects a minion against nightmares.
Spirit Stone Spirit Stone Green Soothes a minion's heart.
Steel Axe Steel Axe Purple Only a select few of minions can wield this bad boy.
Stick Stick Gray A regular wooden stick.
Sunstone Sunstone Gray A stone that originates from the sun.
Titanium Tooth Titanium Tooth Orange Minions with this tooth can bite through anything.
Turtle Helmet Turtle Helmet Green When minions get creative... Just the hammer is missing.
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell Gray A shell famous for its hardness.
Undead Talisman Undead Talisman Green Somehow it feels like this object is emitting life force.
Vampire Heart Vampire Heart Purple A collector's item, although I can't imagine any minion keeping this at home.
Vitality Water Vitality Water Purple Supposedly this water gives eternal life to whomever drinks it.
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll Gray Don't give this to you ex-minion...
War Cry War Cry Purple A mischievous fire spirit that likes to play pranks on its owner.
Warlord Helmet Warlord Helmet Purple A legendary helmet.Only villains may wear this.
Warlord's Fang Warlord's Fang Purple Extremely poisonous. Handle with care.
Wolf Hat Wolf Hat Blue Every leader of a tribe needs one of these.
Wolf's Claw Wolf's Claw Purple The owner must have been tough.
Zeonic Helmet Zeonic Helmet Purple Once upon a time there were visitors from another universe.