Position Back
Awaken Specialist
Base Star 2-Star Base
Quote Don't worry, we are friends... We will be friends!'
Soulstone Sources Arena Shop

Mirage was born different. His eye had strange abilities, twisting the minds of others, making them see things, throwing blasts of energy at random… Unable to control it, Mirage quickly became an outcast, feared by all. In his exile, he came across another who had been cast out, Majora. Under his tutelage he embraced his strange abilities, becoming a terrifying psychic...But contrary to Majora, Mirage didn't seek revenge. Able to control himself, he went back to the Doos and was welcomed within the village. He will now help defend it against its enemies, even his former master! Back-row support. He can control an enemy's mind and make the enemy fight for him.


Mirage has two horns pierced with earrings protruding from the sides of his head. He wears a robe which covers his entire body; only his eye and golden hands are visible.

Powers and Abilities

Mirage is a back-row Specialist. He is a control minion, but with a twist: he doesn't prevent the enemy from fighting, it's quite the opposite! Mirage's Eye of Doubt forces a random enemy to attack his teammates. His Eye of Ability (C-Strike) goes one step further, forcing a random enemy to use his C-Strike on his team! The Eye of Ability also lowers its target's Defence. Similarly, Mirage's passive ability lowers the enemies' Magical Defences - for the entire fight!



When Awakened, Mirage reveals his head showing his terrifying glowing blue eye. Because Mirage is a Specialist, during awakening, Mirage will have an improved C-Strike.


Mirage has a variety of skills in his arsenal, including mind control!

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Eye of Ability Icon-magicskill Can control an enemy's mind and command him to use his C-strike. Also lowers that enemy's P.Defence and M.Defence. Mind control chance depends on lvl. Guaranteed mind control for (SkillLvl) and below. Decreases Magic Defence by X. Decreases Physical Defence by Y.
Optic Blast Icon-magicskill "This happens when my eye itches." Fire a beam of energy from your eye that deals magic damage. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Eye of Doubt Icon-magicskill Randomly control an enemy and command him to attack his allies. Mind control chance depends on lvl. Guaranteed mind control for (SkillLvl+40) and below.
Devious Glare Icon-passiveskill Not every minion has a glare that initmidates others. That's why you have so few friends. At least it's useful in battle as it decreases enemies' Magic Defence. Lower all enemies' Magic Defence by X.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-deception Deception "To fool your enemy, you first fool your allies." ---Sage Doo.
Increases your Magic Attack and Dodge.
Icon-manaburst Mana Burst You're overflowing with energy!
This burst of mana greatly improves your HP and Magic Attack.
Icon-spiralingmana Spiraling Mana You focus your mana to reinforce your attacks.
Increases your Magic Attack and Magic Penetration.
Icon-durendal Durendal Use this sword imbued with magic and parry incoming attacks.
Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Penetration.
Icon-psychic Psychic Reading the future helps you in battle!
Increases your Magic Defence and Magic Penetration.


Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Mind Control
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Ruby Cost Mark lv40 Bonus Mark
lv1 Bonus Mark lv55 Bonus Mark
lv10 Bonus Mark lv65 Bonus Mark
lv25 Bonus Mark lv75 Bonus Mark


Mirage Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Natural Essence Magical Shards Moonstone

Mirage Green
Natural Essence Voodoo Doll Magical Shards
Moonstone Broomstick Skull

Mirage Green+1
Voodoo Doll Sky Amulet Bone Stick
Durable Acorn Animal Blood Magic Ring

Mirage Blue
Moonstone Slingshot Animal Blood
Hama Fruit Emerald Earring Sparkly Gem

Mirage Blue+1
Magic Frog Turtle Helmet Tribal Necklace
Soul Pendant Magic Ring Evil Eye

Mirage Blue+2
Hama Fruit Feral Amulet Emerald Earring
Scaled Leather Shadow Lizard Mana Jewel

Mirage Purple
Pumpkin Head Soul Pendant Spirit Elixir
Evil Hat Emerald Wand Dominator Helmet

Mirage Purple+1
Skull Sapphire Forbidden Crystal
Royal Crown Mana Jewel Dragonite Jewel

Mirage Purple+2
Spirit Elixir Holy Amulet Holy Stone
Warlord's Fang Dominator Helmet Warlord Helmet

Mirage Purple+3
Fishking's Crown Dragon Ball Demon Elixir
Dragonite Jewel Magic Lamp Soul Branch

Mirage Purple+4
Razor Claws Evil Necklace Death Hat
Warlord Helmet Soul Branch Blood Diamond

Mirage Orange
Demon Elixir Magic Lamp Warlord Helmet
Amulet of Origin Soul Branch Demon Eye

Mirage Orange+1
Magic Lamp Emerald Pact with a Demon
Soul Branch Blood Diamond Demon Necklace

Mirage Orange+2
Demon Regalia Demonic Crystal Magic Wand
Dragon Ring Spirit Necklace Dragon Amulet

Mirage Orange+3
Enchanted Leather Dragon Essence Dragon Ring
Spirit Necklace Amethyst Wand Devil Jewel


Mirage is a wild card. Depending on which member of the team he takes control of, he can have a huge impact on the battle, forcing an Awakened Attacker to use his C-Strike and kill his own teammates! In any case, making an enemy fight for you both increases your own offensive abilities and reduces the enemy's own. Sadly the non-controlled enemy minions will keep on hitting you, so don't expect a full-blown fight. Don't underestimate Mirage's other abilities though, as they are the ones creating the best synergy opportunities. A control minion is useful in any kind of team, but Mirage's ability to lower the enemy's Magical Defence will prove extremely useful if you team him up with other Magical Attackers.

Mirage is useful in all the modes where you face teams of enemies. Making one of them a turncoat for a time is great, be it for the Campaign, the Mist or the Arena. Don't use Mirage in Boss fights though, there is no one to take control of (well the Boss will stop attacking you a bit... But other control minions do that better, and anyway you want to deal damage). The Arena is where Mirage is the most fun though. He is unpredictable, and can completely turn the battle by controlling the right enemy at the right time. Or be fairly useless, if he controls the bad one... But making another player's own minion fight for you and give you victory is such a sweet feeling...