Position Front
Awaken Tank
Base Star 1-Star Base
Quote Don't worry. I will handle it.'
Soulstone Sources Elite 1-6 "Giant wall"
Elite 2-5 "Deception"
Elite 4-2 "Mountain beast"

Monti is calm and passive, and generally doesn’t like to move much. The trouble is that there is always someone trying to attack him, which is annoying… In order to make sure that he can rest calmly, Monti became the most resilient of all the minions (or so he likes to think). This way, no one will be able to bother him! And if that can be his way of fighting and helping his friends, he doesn’t mind staying in front of them so they can hide from the enemy’s attacks. Front-row tank. He has a very high defence and his C-strike allows him to protect his allies.


Monti's mountain-like body allows allies to hide behind while he battles on the front line. With huge teeth and sharp-looking spikes along his back, foes tremble on sight.

Powers and Abilities

Monti is a complete wall for your whole team to shelter behind. His speciality is Physical Defence, and he has more difficulty against magical attacks (he can still take his fair share though). His passive ability Rock Skin raises his Physical Defence even more, while his Crunch makes him bite an enemy and increase his Physical Defence! But the best is his C-Strike Rock Barrier, making him create shields in front of each member of his team, absorbing a certain amount of physical damage. This is a very useful skill to have when you are facing enemies who can strike behind your tank, with AoE attacks (like Dibi or Zilla) or that can jump to the back of your team and deal damage directly to your Mid and Back rows (like Neko or Android 8).



When Awakened, Monti's eye glows orange and his spikes along his back turn from red to blue. Monti receives 50% less damage while in this state. Because Monti is a Tank, during awakening, Monti will take half the damage it receives.


Monti has a wide variety of support skills that come in handy when building a defensive team.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Rock Barrier Icon-magicskill Summon a rock barrier that protects all allies, it's able to withsand a lot of damage. Absorbs X Physical damage.
Earthquake Icon-magicskill Slam the ground to create an earthquake that deals magic damage over time. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Crunch Icon-magicskill "Don't judge my weight!" Bite the enemy to deal magic damage and temporarily increase your Physical Defence. Increases Physical Defence by X. This attack deals Y Magic damage.
Rock Skin Icon-passiveskill Monti's skin becomes extremely tough! Increases your physical defence. Increases Physical Defence by X.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-bolster Bolster No rest for the weak and weary!
Increases your HP greatly!
Icon-attunement Attunement Become more attuned with nature. Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Defence. Icon-physicaldefence
Icon-fortify Fortify Minions train their bodies by hitting boulders.
Your HP and Physical Defence increases greatly!
Icon-durendal Durendal Use this sword imbued with magic and parry incoming attacks.
Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Penetration.
Icon-psychic Psychic Reading the future helps you in battle!
Increases your Magic Defence and Magic Penetration.


Rock Solid
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicdefence 160 160 160 160 160


Icon-physicaldefence 150 150 150 150 150
Tough as Rock
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


When Monti's gear is activated, he will wear huge shields on his sides. This increases his base stats up to 5% - 10%.

Ruby Cost 1000 Icon-ruby lv40 Bonus Icon-physicaldefence+5%
lv1 Bonus Icon-physicaldefence+5% lv55 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+5%
lv10 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+5% lv65 Bonus Icon-maxhp+10%
lv25 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5% lv75 Bonus Icon-magicattack+10%


Monti Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Voodoo Doll Magical Shards Sunstone

Monti Green
Stick Turtle Shell Natural Essence
Sunstone Broomstick Animal Blood

Monti Green+1
Natural Essence Sky Amulet Bone Stick
Durable Acorn Oak Shield Scaled Leather

Monti Blue
Turtle Shell Sleepy Hat Turtle Helmet
Animal Blood Skull Sparkly Gem

Monti Blue+1
Magic Frog Spirit Stone Hama Fruit
Elven Cloak Magic Ring Iron Shield

Monti Blue+2
Pumpkin Head Animal Blood Feral Amulet
Magic Ring Lotus Ring Shiny Exoskeleton

Monti Purple
Turtle Helmet Oak Shield Evil Eye
Wolf Hat Emerald Wand Dominator Helmet

Monti Purple+1
Elven Cloak Evil Eye Forbidden Crystal
Holy Amulet Shiny Exoskeleton Demon Elixir

Monti Purple+2
Exoskeleton Evil Eye Battle Armour
Demon Elixir Drake Essence Light Shield

Monti Purple+3
Magic Belt Wolf Hat Magic Lamp
Drake Essence Enchanted Leather Zeonic Helmet

Monti Purple+4
Lunar Earring Branch of Yggdrasil Dragonite Jewel
Dragon Essence Emerald Dragon Mail

Monti Orange
Demon Elixir Magic Lamp Emerald
Warlord Helmet Demon Regalia Blood Diamond

Monti Orange+1
Demon Elixir Warlord Helmet Amulet of Origin
Soul Branch Blood Diamond Demon Talisman

Monti Orange+2
Demon Skull Bone Mail Jade Earring
Blood Diamond Dragon Shield Dragon Amulet

Monti Orange+3
Bone Mail Demonic Crystal Blood Diamond
Dragon Helmet Devil Blood Devil Jewel


Monti is really useful in all the defensive game modes: in the Mist he really increases the resistance of your whole team, reducing the need to use your healer’s abilities all the time. In the Arena Monti will also be a good pick for your Defence team, especially if you are trying to wait until the end of the timer. Imagine a team of tanks made even more indestructible by Monti! But he is probably not the best pick for your Attack team, as he deals very little damage and does not have strong disruptive abilities… Same goes with the Guild and Outland Bosses: unless they are really taking your team apart and you need to have a good shield, it is better to give his spot to a minion who will add more damage to your total.