Super Panther
Super Panther
"Strong against direct damage, weak against damage over time. Damage over time can't kill him: a strong hit is needed."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Leaping Lunge Icon-physicalskill Jump in the sky and quickly thrust at an enemy. Deals physical damage and knocks nearby enemies back.
Super Molotov Icon-magicskill Throw a more explosive Molotov Cocktail at the target and give it a burn. Deals magic damage to an enemy.
Ultimate Charge Icon-physicalskill Super Panther is unstoppable. He rushes through an enemy's formation and knocks back front-row enemies!
Obsidian Armour Icon-passiveskill Super Panther's Obsidian Armour reduces direct damage he receives. Only damage over time can really hurt him.

Minion Recommendations

Minion Rationale
Luna-avatar Her 3rd Skill Lunar Soul makes the boss receive X% more damage which goes really well with every kind of team.
Works in any team that has good damage dealers for this boss.
Mantis-avatar When paired with Luna and few other debuffers like Orochi, Hornox, and Chomp he works great because of his 3rd Skill Cursed Blade which renews debuffs and his other skills which give him attack boost based on the number of debuffs boss has.
Best paired with Luna (necessary), Skorpio and with debuffers like Hornox, Orochi, Chomp, Shirkhan or Dina.
Majora-avatar All of his skills deal damage over time which makes him a good choice for this boss.
He also heals and stuns the boss providing some support for offensive minions.
Works in any team.
Skorpio-avatar Her 2nd Skill Venom Dart deals poison damage over time but what really makes her great is the C-strike which boosts your team's Magic and Physical Attack.
Works in any team that has good damage dealers for this boss.
Rathos-avatar Standard minion against Super Panther because all of his skills have the burn effect (Damage over time).
Best paired with Sauro, Skorpio, Majora or Luna.
Sauro-avatar Works really well with Rathos because the burn from their skills stacks giving Sauro's C-strike a great boost.
Best paired with Rathos, Skorpio, Majora, and Luna.


Normal strategy - used if you don't have Mantis and Luna.Most important minions for this one are Rathos,Sauro and Skorpio, also use majora as a support and healer and another minion with DoT (Damage over time) like Lilith,Obi or Skelance.The strategy is simple, awake Rathos and Skorpio, use Sauro and Rathos' C-strike while Skorpio's buff is active.

Mantis/Luna strategy - the strategy is to take advantage of Mantis' debuff renewal skill and Luna's percentage based debuff.Use other debuffers like Hornox, Orochi, Chomp, Shirkhan or Dina to give Mantis even more boost.Best team is Hornox-Chomp-Mantis-Skorpio-Luna.Awake Mantis and Skorpio and use their C-strikes at the same time, after that just keep repeating whenever their energy bars are about to be filled.In case some minions in a team aren't upgraded as much as the rest (meaning they have lower hp and defenses) it's recommended to save Hornox' C-strike and use it to either interrupt Boss' C-strike or his 3rd Skill (The Ultimate Charge).