Seth IV
Seth IV
Position Front
Awaken Tank
Base Star 3-Star Base
Quote Thank you for your life energy.'
Soulstone Sources Events

Seth IV comes from a long line of Pharaohs, and reigned over Doogypt thousands of years ago. He was a tyrant and a mighty necromancer, stealing the life force of his subjects to stay young. After reigning for centuries as a dark overlord, he was finally betrayed and murdered by his lover, and his body cast deep inside a labyrinth. Last Halloween Scarobo accidentally wandered into his tomb and awakened him, and now Seth IV is ready to get his empire back! Front-row magic tank. He can drain enemies and heal his allies.


Seth IV is a Pharaoh. His body is encased in old bandages, making his red eye and purple sclera the only visible parts of his body.

Powers and Abilities

Being already technically dead, Seth IV is remarkably hard to take down, and is a terrifyingly effective tank, especially against physical attacks. But his real strength lies in his magical powers, which allow him to simultaneously deal damage, heal himself and control the enemy: His C-Strike and Poison Gas both deal damage and cast an Eye Curse on the enemies. This Curse heals Seth every time the cursed enemies take damage. His Life Drain passive ability extends this heal to his allies, letting them get some life back as well! But don’t forget about his Death Bound skill, as it can restrict the enemies’ movements and prevent them from attacking you!


Seth IV-awakened

When Awakened, Seth IV's eye glows brightly and blue fire ignites from his hands. Because Seth IV is a Tank, during awakening, Seth IV will take half the damage it receives.


Seth IV has great all-round skills that come in handy when building a defensive team.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Icon-seth iv-skillA
Pharaoh's Eye Icon-magicskill Seth IV casts a curse that deals magic damage to the enemy with the lowest HP. If this kills the enemy, Seth IV recovers 15% of his HP. If the enemy stays alive, Seth IV puts an eye curse on the enemy. When an enemy with Seth IV's eye curse takes damage, Seth IV will recover HP. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Icon-seth iv-skillB
Death Bound Icon-magicskill "Time for you to feel what I'm feeling!" Deals magic damage to an enemy and can restrict its movement and physical attacks. Wrap chance depends on lvl.

Guaranteed wrap for (SkillLvl) and below. Deals up to X damage over time.

Icon-seth iv-skillC
Poison Gas Icon-magicskill Blow out poisonous gas that deals magic damage and that puts an eye curse on the enemy. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Icon-seth iv-skillD
Life Drain Icon-passiveskill Improve the power of the Pharaoh's Eye! Nearby allies now benefit from Seth IV's C-Strike HP Recovery. Boost friendly heal by X%.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-bolster Bolster No rest for the weak and weary!
Increases your HP greatly!
Icon-manaflow Mana Flow Control the mana flow inside your body.
Greatly increases your HP and Magic Defence.
Icon-attunement Attunement Become more attuned with nature. Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Defence. Icon-physicaldefence
Icon-tacticalgenius Tactical Genius Learn different defensive tactics, which greatly increases your Physical Defence and Dodge! Icon-physicaldefence
Icon-manaburst Mana Burst You're overflowing with energy!
This burst of mana greatly improves your HP and Magic Attack.


Dark Force
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400
Seth iv-w0

Seth IV

Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400
Seth iv-w0

Seth IV

Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


Seth iv-w0
Seth IV Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Magical Shards Moonstone Mark

Seth iv-g0
Seth IV Green
Turtle Shell Natural Essence Voodoo Doll
Moonstone Durable Acorn Animal Blood

Seth iv-g1
Seth IV Green+1
Natural Essence Sky Amulet Durable Acorn
Animal Blood Skull Scaled Leather

Seth iv-b0
Seth IV Blue
Sky Amulet Turtle Helmet Animal Blood
Oak Shield Sparkly Gem Mark

Seth iv-b1
Seth IV Blue+1
Magic Frog Pumpkin Head Skull
Feral Amulet Scaled Leather Spirit Elixir

Seth iv-b2
Seth IV Blue+2
Pumpkin Head Animal Blood Oak Shield
Evil Eye Evil Hat Mana Jewel

Seth iv-p0
Seth IV Purple
Cat Paw Elven Cloak Fishking's Crown
Spirit Essence Wolf Hat Shiny Exoskeleton

Seth iv-p1
Seth IV Purple+1
Elven Cloak Exoskeleton Forbidden Crystal
Holy Amulet Dominator Helmet Demon Elixir

Seth iv-p2
Seth IV Purple+2
Fishking's Crown Iron Shield Shiny Exoskeleton
Demon Elixir Light Shield Mark

Seth iv-p3
Seth IV Purple+3
Magic Belt Lunar Earring Demon Elixir
Evil Necklace Drake Essence Zeonic Helmet

Seth iv-p4
Seth IV Purple+4
Battle Armour Dark Elixir Light Shield
Warlord Helmet Soul Branch Blood Diamond

Seth iv-o0
Seth IV Orange
Dragonite Jewel Dragon Essence Light Shield
Zeonic Helmet Magic Wand Devil Blood

Seth iv-o1
Seth IV Orange+1
Demon Regalia Pact with a Demon Zeonic Helmet
Jade Earring Blood Diamond Demon Necklace

Seth iv-o2
Seth IV Orange+2
Demon Skull Bone Mail Demonic Crystal
Blood Diamond Dragon Ring Dragon Shield

Seth iv-o3
Seth IV Orange+3
Bone Mail Demonic Crystal Demon Eye
Spirit Necklace Amethyst Wand Demon Wing


Seth IV is a well-rounded, all-purpose tank. He works well with nearly all of the other minions, although he becomes pretty redundant if you pick another tank. One of the best combinations would be to have him team up with Mantis, as Seth can lay not one but two kinds of debuffs on several enemies, and the huge amount of damage Mantis will deal on those will become a healing boost for your team!

Generally Seth IV does a little bit of everything, and comes in handy in nearly any situation. He is a great tank against bosses, as his heal is generally enough and lets you use a spot for another attacker. He is great in the Arena, with control, heal and damage. He is also useful in the Mist or in the Campaign, for pretty much the same reasons. The only trouble is that he isn’t the best choice for most of these: in the Mist he doesn’t raise your team survivability enough, and a better choice could be Florus or Monti. In Boss fights a resistant but offensive minion like Hornox or Zilla will get you more points. It’s in the Arena that he shines most, as he allows you to face a broader range of situations than most tanks, and so makes a good defense team pick – if you go for an aggressive defense.