• Opening a Common Egg gives the player common items or soul stones.
  • Opening a Rare Egg gives the player rare items, soul stones or minions.
  • Each day players get 5 free Common Eggs to open, in intervals of 10 minutes.
  • There are also options to buy 10x Common Eggs for the price of 90000 Icon-jade and 100x for 900000 Icon-jade which only appears after buying 1x or 10x.
  • Every 48 hours players get 1 free rare egg to open.
  • Opening Special Tomes for 500 Icon-diamond gives player High-jade value items, EXP Items, common minion soul stones (including Dibi's) and possibly the Special Tome minion of the day. The drop rate for Special Tome minions is low so it's recommended to save 15000 Icon-diamond because the drop is guaranteed on 30th Tome. Once the day is over or all 30 Tomes are opened the progress resets back to 0. Note that although Special Tomes first appear at VIP5 it's only possible to buy them on VIP8+.
  • The Special Tome minions are: Enigamo, Erupto, Android 8, Luna, Gemini, and Neko.