The Fiery Lady

Position Back
Awaken Attacker
Base Star 1-Star Base
Quote I think you will be charmed by my magic power..."'
Soulstone Sources 3-2 Red lotus - Elite
5-4 Surprising - Elite
9-5 Fire abound! - Elite
7 Days Login Reward

Vulpa (The Fiery Lady), is a minion that accompanies Enkobo on his quest against darkness. Initially, Vulpa is not very fond of Enkobo. Even though Vulpa never admits it, throughout the story Vulpa builds a friendly bond with Enkobo and the two become determined to defeat the forces of evil. Back-row magic attacker. Uses her C-strike to deal damage to all enemies.


Vulpa is a proud, lady and kitsune-like minion with elegant legs, nine tails (although her normal in-game sprite features three), a red eye and has orange fur with a yellowish white underbelly, four distinct tufts of fur and blue accents. Vulpa wears red gloves and has a subtle matching scarf around her neck. In her Awakened state, Vulpa's accents turn from blue to red, she gains three more tails (totaling six for her in-game sprite), her eye begins to glow orange (red in her Awakened artwork) and look more intimidating.


Vulpa is a fierce lady with a short temper. When she was younger, she had difficulty keeping her emotions in check and the world around her would often experience her anger at first hand. After joining Enkobo on his campaign, she was not satisfied with Enkobo's decisions and often would lecture Enkobo when the situation got out of hand. After venturing with Enkobo for a while, she has started to keep her emotions in check but every now and then she would revert back to her old self.

Powers and Abilities

Vulpa is a powerful Attacker and uses magic to attack and intimidate her opponents. Vulpa is a Back-row fighter and will require protection from physical attacks. Vulpa will be at her strongest when paired up with a minion that fights on the front-row and has a high physical defence. Vulpa has an interesting mix of abilities and skills. Her primary role is to deal with low-HP opponents, particularly the ones hiding in the middle or her back, by using her Fire Rain. As this provides a burst of damage, it can also be useful against bosses or in the back-row drills in the Training Camp. With her Curse she provides an element of control as she can silence enemies. Vulpa's Soul Stones are not hard to get and can be obtained by finishing Elite stages.



When Awakened, Vulpa's accents turn from blue to red, her outer ears thicken, her eye begins to glow orange and looks more intimidating. Because Vulpa is an Attacker, during awakening, Vulpa will deal double damage.


Vulpa has a wide variety of skills that come in handy when facing minions that are weak against magic.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Fire Rain Icon-magicskill Don't upset a lady or feel her wrath!

Drops a rain of fire on the enemy.

Each attack deals X Magic Damage.
Swift Strike Icon-magicskill Quickly swipe your arm to generate a magical slash that slices through the air. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Curse Icon-magicskill Put a curse on enemies so they cannot use their skills. Silence chance depends on lvl.

Guaranteed silence for (SkillLvl+20) and below.

Fiery Lady Icon-passiveskill I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice!

Vulpa ignites a flame inside her and increases her M.Attack. The more minions there are, the more her M.Attack increases.

Each unit increases you Magic Attack by X.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-channelenergy Channel Energy Focusing on your energy greatly improves your magical ability.
Increases your Magic Attack.
Icon-magicalshock Magical Shock A light of wisdom shines down on you!
You feel inspired!
Increases your Magic Attack and M.Critical Hit.
Icon-energyflow Durendal Read the flow of energy in your surrounding.
Increases your Magic Attack and Magic Defence.
Icon-ancientwisdom Ancient Wisdom Reading scrolls left behind by your ancestors improves your Magic Defence and Dodge greatly! Icon-magicdefence
Icon-feralferocity Feral Ferocity Sometimes a minion has to behave like a beast.
Increases your HP and Dodge.


Vulpa is a childhood friend of Dolce and they have a strong friendly bond together. Teaming Vulpa up with Dolce will increase Vulpa's maximum HP by 300 points.

Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Striking Beauty
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-magiccriticalhit 150 150 150 150 150


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


When Vulpa's gear is activated, she will wear a Carnival Outfit. This increases her base stats up to 5% - 10%.

Ruby Cost 1000 Icon-ruby lv40 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5%
lv1 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5% lv55 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+5%
lv10 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+5% lv65 Bonus Icon-magiccriticalhit+10%
lv25 Bonus Icon-magicattack+5% lv75 Bonus Icon-magicattack+10%


Vulpa Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Voodoo Doll Magical Shards Moonstone

Vulpa Green
Evergreen Seeds Voodoo Doll Sunstone
Moonstone Broomstick Skull

Vulpa Green+1
Natural Essence Sky Amulet Durable Acorn
Sleepy Hat Skull Magic Ring

Vulpa Blue
Moonstone Magic Frog Spirit Stone
Feral Amulet Emerald Earring Scaled Leather

Vulpa Blue+1
Animal Fur Durable Acorn Cat Paw
Tribal Necklace Magic Ring Evil Eye

Vulpa Blue+2
Turtle Helmet Skull Emerald Earring
Sparkly Gem Holy Amulet Mana Jewel

Vulpa Purple
Soul Pendant Sparkly Gem Spirit Elixir
Evil Eye Shadow Lizard Dominator Helmet

Vulpa Purple+1
Sapphire Evil Eye Royal Crown
Magic Belt Mana Jewel Dragonite Jewel

Vulpa Purple+2
Fishking's Crown Royal Crown Holy Stone
Dominator Helmet Dragonite Jewel Warlord Helmet

Vulpa Purple+3
Emerald Wand Dragon Ball Magic Lamp
Drake Essence Warlord Helmet Soul Branch

Vulpa Purple+4
Dragon Ball Demon Elixir Dragonite Jewel
Magic Lamp Dragon Essence Blood Diamond

Vulpa Orange
Death Hat Emerald Warlord Helmet
Soul Branch Soul Branch Demon Eye

Vulpa Orange+1
Dark Elixir Magic Lamp Pact with a Demon
Magic Wand Blood Diamond Dragon Ring

Vulpa Orange+2
Dragonite Jewel Demonic Crystal Magic Wand
Blood Diamond Spirit Necklace Dragon Amulet

Vulpa Orange+3
Amulet of Origin Bone Mail Dragon Ring
Amethyst Wand Devil Jewel Demon Wing


Vulpa pairs nicely Acqua and Umbra, characters that can also attack the low-HP enemies. Together they will be very strong against teams with a lot of mid and back-row enemies. Alternatively, you can group her with Bolt to create a team focused on silencing enemies, which is useful against teams that depend on their magic skills.